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Toyota Tacoma: The Ultimate Overlanding Companion

In this post, we aim to spotlight one of our most popular overlanding vehicles, the Toyota Tacoma. We’ve referenced this vehicle in our top vehicle suggestions for those planning to embrace the great outdoors.

We’re going to discuss the four points that, in our opinion, make the Toyota Tacoma an excellent choice.

The vehicle you select plays a significant role in your overlanding adventure. It serves as the vital connection between you and the untamed wilderness.

While there are other excellent choices for vehicles, we believe the Tacoma stands out. It is ideal for beginners and simultaneously possesses all the necessary features required for tackling more advanced trails.

Let’s take a look at the four points that make the Toyota Tacoma an exceptional choice:

Built For Overlanding:

The first attribute that makes this vehicle stand out is its design for overlanding from the ground up. It proves to be the perfect vehicle for outdoor expeditions.

The main reasons are its 4×4 capabilities, almost a must-have if you’re planning to go overlanding and take on any trail not designed for beginners. Even for simpler trails, we highly recommend ensuring your vehicle possesses 4×4 capabilities.

Another great feature of the Tacoma is its ground clearance. This may not seem important, but when tackling a difficult trail, it prevents damage to your vehicle and ensures a smoother ride. Higher ground clearance means you can handle inclines and uneven terrain without worrying about potential repair costs.

The Toyota Tacoma is also renowned for its durability and reliability, earning it various awards over the years. If there’s one vehicle you should consider for overlanding, the Toyota Tacoma should be it.

The Power:

The features mentioned above, along with the 4×4 capabilities, ground clearance, and the robust nature of the Tacoma, wouldn’t mean much without adequate power. No matter which generation you choose, it will provide ample power for your next adventure. We highly recommend opting for a V6 engine if it suits your budget – the extra power will certainly help when you’re out on the trails.

Gear Storage Space:

Overlanding requires sufficient space for your gear. The Tacoma is a favorite in this respect, offering ample storage within its cabin and bed for all your camping gear, food supplies, and other overlanding essentials.


When you’re setting off on your first overlanding trail, you may not worry too much about vehicle modifications. However, as you tackle more and more complicated trails, you might need to upgrade the vehicle. The Toyota Tacoma makes this process simple. You can add underbody protection, rooftop tents, and other modifications relatively easily, and reverse them back to the original state if necessary.

We’ve also outlined some recommended upgrades for your Toyota Tacoma if you’re thinking about taking on more complex trails during overlanding.

Tires Upgrade:

We recommend a tire upgrade. Apart from the cost, this is one of the easiest upgrades you can make. With the four-wheel-drive system, it delivers excellent results and improved traction.

We suggest choosing a well-known brand and all-terrain tires, like BF Goodrich. These tires offer robust construction and thick sidewalls to ensure great puncture resistance, and an aggressive tread pattern for off-road traction.

Winch Upgrade:

The Tacoma comes with a decent winch, another reason it’s an excellent choice for overlanding. One upgrade to consider is a more robust winch. This gives you confidence when pulling your Tacoma out of tricky situations. We recommend a top brand, and ideally, a winch with a synthetic rope instead of a steel one. This makes the winch lighter and the rope easier to manage.


Another upgrade to consider for your Tacoma is the lights. We recommend black spot beam lights, which improve visibility at night. This upgrade depends on when you will be travelling, but it’s an excellent option for those considering overlanding.

More advanced upgrades include reinforcing the body of your Tacoma. However, the upgrades above will be ample for beginner to intermediate trails.


Toyota Tacoma & The Trail’d Tank:

The Tacoma and the Trail’d tank form a fantastic partnership. You can meet all your water needs, and the tank’s installation couldn’t be simpler with the Tacoma.

You can refer to the simple installation guide here; you’ll find the Trail’d tank is super easy to mount in the spare tire location.

Given the Tacoma’s perfect balance of power, upgradability, and versatility, we highly recommend this vehicle to anyone considering an overlanding trip.

Thanks for reading. Let us know in the comments whether you drive a Toyota Tacoma or another vehicle for your adventures.


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