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Chevy Colorado Z71

Is there any additional equipment or modifications required to securely install the Trail’d Tank to the Colorado Z71?

The Trail’d Tank comes as a complete kit, containing everything needed for installation on a Chevy Colorado Z71. We do recommend purchasing the mounting ring to have metal on metal contact at the install point as well as even weight distribution instead of just two points of contact where the bracket makes contact with the tank.

What are the specific steps to install the Trail’d Tank onto the Chevy Colorado Z71, and are there any unique considerations to take into account?

Installation of the Trail’d Tank onto the Chevy Colorado Z71 follows a similar approach to that on other vehicles. You first need to remove the spare tire, then align the tank with the bracket, and secure it in place. Make sure to follow the detailed instructions provided in the full installation guide.

Considering the robust construction of the Chevy Colorado Z71, how will the added weight and balance of the Trail’d Tank affect its performance and stability?

The Trail’d Tank has been designed to complement the rugged construction of the Chevy Colorado Z71. While the tank adds some weight, it’s designed to maintain balance by situating close to the vehicle’s center of gravity, minimizing the impact on performance and stability. The added weight may even enhance traction during off-roading.