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Toyota Tundra

Are there any extra parts, tools, or modifications needed to install the Trail’d Tank on a Toyota Tundra?

The Trail’d Tank comes as a complete kit that includes everything needed for installation on a Toyota Tundra. However, it’s recommended to consider purchasing the mounting ring separately for optimal installation and weight distribution.

Given the location of the spare tire under the bed, how does the installation process of the Trail’d Tank adapt to this particular feature of the Tundra?

The installation of the Trail’d Tank on a Tundra is designed to work in the spare tire location. As usual, the spare tire must be removed first. Then, align the tank with the bracket and secure it in place. The mounting system of the Trail’d Tank has been designed to be adaptable, ensuring a secure and firm installation, even with the specific design of the Tundra.

Given the Tundra’s size and power, how does the extra weight and balance from the Trail’d Tank impact its performance and handling characteristics?

The Tundra is a highly capable and powerful vehicle, and the Trail’d Tank is designed to integrate seamlessly without significantly affecting performance or handling. The additional weight of the tank can enhance traction, and the tank is positioned close to the vehicle’s center of gravity to maintain balance.

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