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Overlanding C4

Choosing the Perfect Overlanding Vehicle for Your Next Adventure – Here Are The Top Picks For Trail’d!

Overlanding, an ultimate fusion of off-roading, exploration, and camping, offers an exhilarating way to experience the great outdoors. This adventure will surely test your limits and demand thorough planning.

Preparation is key to make sure that everything runs smoothly on your overlanding trip. The vehicle, the trail and the supplies are all important.

One of the most crucial factors to consider is securing a reliable water source, which can be quite a challenging aspect to plan effectively. Loading your vehicle with spare water can lead to an off-balance load – an issue you’d want to avoid.

You are always battling against having the water you need and making sure that the vehicle is not overloaded. This allows you to tackle the trails with more confidence and it also means that you are less likely to have water tanks dropping that were not stored properly.

In this blog post, we will run through our top six recommended vehicles for overlanding and discuss how our Trail’d tank pairs well with these options to ensure a consistent water supply whenever you need it. Let’s get started!

Overlanding C4

Here are our top picks, in descending order of popularity:

  1. Toyota Tacoma:

A crowd-favourite for overlanding, the Toyota Tacoma has proven to be a reliable all-rounder, offering impressive off-road ability and dependability. A significant proportion of our Trail’d tank users utilize a Tacoma for their overlanding trips.

Our Trail’d tank integrates seamlessly with the Tacoma, converting its spare tire space into a spare water reservoir. Once the tank is installed, you can stack up to three of these at once, offering up to 18 gallons of water storage. Not only does this conserve space, but it also ensures balanced weight distribution, contributing to practicality and a more enjoyable overlanding experience.

Read our full post on the Toyota Tacoma here and see if this is the best choice for overlanding.

  1. Jeep Gladiator:

The Jeep Gladiator is a robust option, equipped with a powerful engine and heavy-duty axles. This vehicle is an excellent choice for challenging trails, as it can withstand the harshest conditions.

Mounting the Trail’d tank onto the Jeep Gladiator is straightforward – we suggest picking up our mounting ring for maximum water storage, even on the toughest terrains.

Read more about the Jeep Gladiator and how it fares for overlanding here.

  1. Toyota 4 Runner:

This vehicle offers fantastic off-road performance. The SUV lives up to its name, providing versatility and power for any overlanding trail. Pairing the Toyota 4 Runner with the Trail’d tank couldn’t be easier and is highly recommended for convenient water storage.

Read more about the 4Runner and whether this is the best choice for overlanding here.

  1. Toyota Tundra:

The Toyota Tundra, boasts power to conquer the most rigorous trails. The spare tire located under the bed makes it effortlessly compatible with the Trail’d tank, ensuring sufficient water supply without compromising on storage space.

  1. Chevy Colorado Z71:

The Chevy Colorado Z71, designed to handle challenging terrains, is another favourite amongst overlanders. It features robust construction, practicality, and reliability. Pairing the Trail’d tank with this vehicle is a breeze.

  1. Ford Ranger Raptor:

Last but certainly not least, the Ford Ranger Raptor offers excellent off-road abilities and ample power. This vehicle is a favourite for exploring desert dunes or tackling steep mountain trails. Like the other vehicles, it’s simple to pair with a Trail’d tank, ensuring a ready water supply when needed.


These top off-roading vehicles – Toyota Tacoma, Jeep Gladiator, Toyota 4 Runner, Toyota Tundra, Chevy Colorado Z71, and Ford Ranger Raptor – all have something in common: they’re fantastic for overlanding. Furthermore, they pair seamlessly with the Trail’d tank, allowing easy storage of water without compromising the vehicle’s primary storage space or the tank’s mounting.

Gone are the days of having to stack water and pray that when you stop to set up camp you still have all your supplies.

Even if your vehicle choice is not in the top six above – we have developed the simple mounting ring that makes it easy to connect the Trail’d tank to your vehicle.

Elevate your overlanding experience by adding convenience, saving space, and preparing for the unexpected with the Trail’d Tank. Here’s to happy overlanding!

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