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How to Modify and Organize Your Mid-Size Truck for Maximum Utility

Hit the road prepared for anything, without sacrificing cargo space.

The Gear Issue

OutdoorX4's staff has spent this past year testing out a variety of gear for your next vehicle-based adventure.

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Trail’d “Spare” Tank Review & Install on 3rd Gen Tacoma

Check out the latest in auxiliary tanks, the 6-gallon, universal tank option from Trail’d.
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5th Gen 4Runner Water System with Trail’d Tanks – Full DIY and How-to Guide

The Trail’d Universal 6-gallon “Spare” Tank – Complete installation guide on 5th Gen 4Runner.
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Trailed “Spare” Tank Install for 5th Gen 4runner

Trailed 6-gallon “Spare” Tank overview & DIY guide for the 5th Gen 4Runner.