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Ford Ranger Raptor

Will I need any additional components or modifications to mount the Trail’d Tank onto the Ranger Raptor, or does it come ready to install?

The Trail’d Tank is designed as a complete kit, with all components needed for installation on a Ford Ranger Raptor included. As with other vehicles, we recommend the additional purchase of a mounting ring for optimal installation and weight distribution.

How does the Trail’d Tank’s installation process cater to the specific build and configuration of the Ford Ranger Raptor?

The installation of the Trail’d Tank on a Ford Ranger Raptor is similar to that on the Tacoma and Gladiator. After removing the spare tire, you secure the tank using the provided bracket. The full installation guide provides a detailed step-by-step process.

Given the off-road prowess and power of the Ranger Raptor, how will the additional weight and balance of the Trail’d Tank influence its driving performance?

The Trail’d Tank, while adding some weight to the Ford Ranger Raptor, has been designed to optimize balance and minimize the impact on performance. The added weight can even contribute to better traction during off-road expeditions.

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