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Toyota Tacoma

Is there any additional equipment or modifications required to securely fit the Trail’d Tank to the Tacoma, or does it come as a complete kit?

The Trail’d Tank is designed to be a complete kit, containing all necessary components for installation on a Toyota Tacoma. This includes the tank itself, we also recommend purchasing the mounting ring for easy install.

What are the specific steps to properly install the Trail’d Spare Tire Water Tank on a Toyota Tacoma, and are there any unique challenges or tools needed?

The installation of the Trail’d Tank on a Toyota Tacoma is simple and easy. Assuming your spare tire is already mounted on your swing gate, all you need to do is lower the hoist bracket. Be sure to check if there are protruding tabs on the bracket, if there are, then fold them down flat so they do not dig into the tank. Next, align the tanks on centre with the bracket while tilting the hoist bracket vertically to place it through the tanks. If you are using a mounting ring which we highly recommend as it adds to the life of the tank and distributes the weight evenly, place it through the centre of the tanks and secure the hoist bracket against the mounting ring with tension in the line. Lastly, raise the tanks until they are secure in the spare tire mount.

Given the Tacoma’s design and payload capacity, how will the additional weight and balance of the Trail’d Tank impact its overall performance and stability?

The Trail’d Tank, is designed with durability and balance in mind. The additional weight of the tanks adds to traction during performance. When installed correctly, they are secure and stable.


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