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Trail'd Tank

Extending The Use Of Your Trail’d Spare Water Tank

The Trail’d tank is designed to give you water when you need it, whether you are in the middle of a six month overlanding expedition or you are simply getting away for some off-roading on the weekend.

This blog post touches on how you can extend the use of the Trail’d tank.

We will start with the basics and then we will give you some ideas on how you can extend the use of the tank as some of our customers have.

Of course, you can use a spare water tank to carry water with you.

There are many uses for this and we wanted to give you an idea of how versatile the tanks can be.

  • Hydration: It’s important to stay hydrated when you’re participating in physical activities, and off-roading can be physically demanding. Taking water with you can help ensure that you have enough to drink to stay hydrated.
  • Emergency use: In case of an emergency, having water with you can be crucial. For example, if you get stranded or your vehicle breaks down, having water can help you stay hydrated until help arrives.
  • Washing off: Off-roading can be dirty and muddy, and having water with you can help you clean up before heading back home or to your campsite.
  • Cooling down: If you’re off-roading in a hot climate, having water with you can help you cool down and stay comfortable.

Sharing with others: If you’re off-roading with a group, having extra water can be helpful in case someone in your group runs out or didn’t bring enough. It’s always a good idea to be prepared and have enough for yourself and others.

Expanding on the Usage of your Trail’d water tank:

Here are five ways you can expand the usage of a spare tire water tank:

  • Install a pump: By installing a pump, you can easily transfer the water from your spare tire tank to other containers and have water on demand.
  • Add a filter: Installing a water filter can allow you to use the water from your spare tire tank for drinking or cooking, even if it’s not completely clean.
  • Use it as a shower: If you have a small portable shower or can rig one up, you can use the water from your spare tire tank to take a shower while camping or off-roading.
  • Use it to wash dishes: If you’re camping or don’t have access to a sink, you can use the water from your spare tire tank to wash dishes. Just make sure to properly sanitise the dishes afterwards.

The possibilities are limitless based on your needs.

Many of our customers extend their use of the Trail’d tank and most of the suggestions above are relatively easy and quick to set up.


Here are some examples of how our customers have extended the use of the Traild’ tank:


We have had a look at extending the use of the tank but we also want to touch on one of our most asked questions:

How Much Water Will I Need?

Here are a few things to consider when deciding how much water to take with you for off-roading or trekking:

  • Length of the trip: The longer the trip, the more water you will need to take with you. Plan on taking at least one liter of water per person per day for short trips, and more for longer trips or hot weather. Need help picking your overlanding trail? Read this…
  • Physical activity level: If you’ll be engaging in physically demanding activities, you will need more water to stay hydrated. Consider the intensity and duration of the activities you’ll be doing, and plan accordingly.
  • Climate and temperature: Hotter temperatures and dry climates will require you to drink more water to stay hydrated. Make sure to bring enough water to keep you hydrated in these conditions.
  • Access to water sources: If you’ll have access to natural water sources like rivers or streams, you can plan on replenishing your water supply along the way. However, be sure to purify any natural water sources before drinking.

Personal hydration needs: Everyone has different hydration needs, so be sure to consider your own body’s needs when deciding how much water to bring.

Vehicle Set up – If you need help prepping your vehicle for overlanding – you can read more about that here.

Ready To Hit The Trail?

When you are ready – check out the Trail’d tank – we believe it is the best solution available for water storage that is easy to transport and as you can see above we made the tank pretty versatile too!

Thanks for reading and have fun on your next adventure.

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