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Increase off-road water storage

Extend the Adventure

Increase off-road
Water storage

Trail’d 6-Gallon Water Tank provides a safe, reliable,
and space-saving hydration solution for off-road &
overlanding adventures.

Over 1,200 tanks on the trail
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  • Rugged & Durable
  • BPA Free
  • Made in USA
  • 5-year Warranty*
Trail'd Tank Install
Trail'd tank

Built for Going
the Distance

  • Carry More
  • Go Farther
  • Be Prepared

Extend Your

Stay on the trail longer with our specially designed auxiliary
tank, providing added capacity and extended trip duration.

Carry more

The Trail'd Universal Spare Tire Tank holds a substantial 6 gallons of liquid, providing you with complete peace of mind when you're off the grid.

Stack up to 3 tanks

Extended your adventure by stacking up to 3 tanks per vehicle for a total storage of 18 gallons, sufficient for even the longest excursions.

Effortless operation

Easily mount and dismount Trail'd water tank in spare tire location using the existing hoist on your vehicle.

Designed for safety & dependability

Built for Pushing
The Limits

Keep your off-road adventures going with a reliable source of liquid
storage engineered to endure the toughest off-road conditions.

Safe storage for drinking water

Safe storage for drinking water

The tanks are BPA-free making the water stored in the tank safe for consumption. #1
Store water longer

Store water longer

The tank's non-transparent design, featuring UV protection and algae suppression, ensures that the water stays safe for extended periods of time.
Built for off-road durability

Built for off-road durability

Constructed with heavy-duty linear medium density polyethylene, the tank is able to withstand road debris, automotive fluids, and chemicals.
  • #1 Using any liquid other than water in the tank may make it unsafe for storing drinking water. Avoid cross-contamination by using the same liquid throughout the tank's lifespan.
Easy to store & transport

Easy to store
& transport

The perfect accessory for any off-road or overlanding adventure.

Maximize vehicle space

The tank's secure, hidden location provides additional space in or on your vehicle for other gear and equipment.

Enhanced vehicle dynamics

The extra weight at the rear of the vehicle enhances traction, making it easier to navigate through challenging terrain.

Extended fresh water access

Storing the tank in a shaded location keeps the water fresh and cool for extended periods of time.

Features & Specs

Engineered for
ease of use &

  • Convenience
  • Low Maintenance
  • Peace of mind
Utilizes existing hoist

Utilizes existing hoist

The tank is easily installed in the spare tire space without requiring additional mounting systems or modifications. #3

  • #3 Compatible with vehicles with a 29-inch center lifting hoist.

Self-venting spout

Self-venting spout

Makes it easy to pour and dispense liquid, even when the tank is full.

Multiple Handles

Multiple Handles

Improved comfort and ease of use in any position, making it easy to carry and pour the liquid.

Wear Tabs

Wear Tabs

Extend the life of the tank, ensuring that it can withstand even the most extreme abuse.

Stacking Tabs

Stacking Tabs

Make it easy to store and transport the tanks by keeping them together and held in place.

  • #3 Compatible with vehicles with a 29-inch center lifting hoist.

Made in the U.S.A

Trail'd tanks are proudly manufactured in the US to support the local economy and uphold the implicit promise of delivering high-quality, safe, and durable products.

5-year Warranty

If you experience any malfunctions or leaks in your Trail'd tank due to manufacturing defects within 5 years of the purchase date, we will offer a refund or replacement. See our warranty policy.

100% Recyclable

Our sustainable practices help reduce energy and water consumption, minimize pollution, and prevent disturbance to wildlife habitats.
Trail'd product spin - compressed

Storage Capacity

6 gallons

Overall Dimensions

29 x 29 x 3.34 inches

Center Diameter

4.125 inches

Recessed Inner Diameter

6.25 inches


10 lbs


Linear medium-density polyethylene
Caution: Using any liquid other than water in the tank may make it unsafe for storing drinking water. Avoid cross-contamination by using the same liquid throughout the tank's lifespan.

Choose Your Pack

How far do you
want to go?

  • More Storage
  • More Adventure
  • More Memories

Overlander Double Pack

2 units • 12 gallon storage
$ 398
$ 379
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Shipping from $9.99

Adventurer Single Pack

1 unit • 6 gallon storage
$ 199
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Outdoor X4

“Most innovative product”

“This is the most innovative product for the vehicle-based adventure space in over a decade.”

“Peace of mind”

“The fit is great, plenty of clearance all around. Peace of mind having 12 extra gallons of storage is priceless!”

“Clever and great use of space!”

“@trailedonline made it easy to fill the spare tire void. The tanks store tightly in place of the spare. 12 gallons of low center of gravity water. Great idea with great execution.”

“Extremely well made and tough”

“These tanks surpass any competition in outstanding measures because of the fact that one tank carries 6 gallons compared to the competitors carrying 4 in the biggest they sell.”

“Stored in an ultra-convenient spot”

“... replaces your spare tire under the vehicle so it doesn’t take up valuable interior space and can function as either a portable water jug or remain mounted as a water tank that feeds a pump.”
Spare Mounting Ring

Spare Mounting Ring

Heavy-duty steel rings designed to securely mount Trail’d Boondocker and 6-gallon water tanks on your vehicle's spare tire hoist.
from   $ 32.49
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Frequently Asked Questions

Top 5 Questions

Is there a guarantee?

Trailed, LLC accepts returns on new, unused items If there is a manufacturing defect keeping your Trail’d tank from functioning properly or causing a leak. Contact us for a refund or a replacement up to 5 years from date of purchase. Trailed, LLC has a 30-day return policy for unused products only and are subject to a restocking fee and/or incurred shipping costs.

Read our terms to learn more about our warranty, shipping/returns, and other important information before purchasing.

How many tanks should I buy?

That all depends on how much you adventure and how far you go. Most people buy two tanks and the more serious enthusiast buys three. One factor to consider is whether you are going solo or taking the family. In this case, more is better when it comes to water.

We have 2 choices:

  1. Adventure Single Pack – 1 unit of Trail’d 6-Gallon Tank
  2. Overlanding Pack – 2 units of Trail’d 6-Gallon Tank

You can purchase both the single and double pack together to have a maximum of 18 gallons storage.

What are the dimensions of the tank?

  • Storage Capacity: 6 gallons
  • Item Weight: 10 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 29 x 29 x 3.34 inches
  • Center Diameter: 4.125 inches
  • Recessed Inner Diameter: 6.25 inches
  • Material: Linear medium-density polyethylene

Why go for Trail’d water tanks?

Simply put, they’re the best for Off-road water storage and you can carry more with Trail’d tanks than any other product on the market.

– Made in the U.S.A.

– Holds 6-Gallons Per Tank.

– Stack Up To 3 Tanks Per Vehicle.

– Heavy Duty & Durable.

– It’s There When You Need It.

– Maximize Valuable Space.

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About Trail’d

Born from the adventure-seeking spirit

Secluded deep in the warzone of Afghanistan for almost four years changed me forever. Living each day in the desolation of war, fearing for the worst, but feverishly hoping for the best has a way of changing a person. Living beyond the fray of what most people will ever or would want to ever experience taught me what really matters in life. More than anything, it made me value home, friends, and family in a way that only someone who has been thrown to the far side of the Earth for years can understand.

It left me hungry for sharing experiences with my loved ones and friends back in the safety and beauty of the country I loved so much, my home, the United States.

At that moment, I knew what the next adventure was. At that moment, I committed myself to starting a company that made products for people like me, people that were built for beyond.

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